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30 Years of Quality Repair Experience

Personalized Transmission Repair and Services in Cranbrook


McGibbon’s Auto & Truck Repair has provided complete mechanical auto services, for both gas and diesel vehicles including transmission repair in Cranbrook, for over 40 years.


What is a Transmission?


It’s an intricate component of gears and sensors that acts as a bridge between your engine and your wheels. It ensures that the energy provided by the engine is transmitted smoothly to the tires, providing better, safer control for the driver.


Advantages to Hiring a Transmission Repair Professional


Replacing a transmission is one of the most expensive things you can do for a vehicle. In some cases, the cost of replacing the transmission is more than the vehicle is actually worth. Repairing a transmission, however, is much cheaper than getting a whole new one. Some benefits of hiring experts for transmission repair in Cranbrook are:


·         Accurate Diagnosis of Problems: Your transmission is one of the most integral pieces of a car’s system. Transmission problems are complicated. Having a professional do the repairs ensures accurate diagnosis of any issue.

·         Peace of Mind: It is important to maintain your transmission if you want your vehicle to perform in bad weather or off-road conditions

·         Better Control: After you get your transmission repaired, you will instantly notice that you have  better control over your wheels.

·         Leaking Fluid: Transmission fluid can pose a threat to your children and pets, causing accidental slipping. It is recommended to get your transmission checked if you notice a leak

·         Warranty Protection: You can protect your car’s warranty by having a professional mechanic complete the repairs.


Getting a transmission fixed can solve so many problems, some of which you won’t even notice until you see how much better your drive is with a newly repaired transmission.


Get in touch with us if you are looking for transmission repair services in Cranbrook.

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